Welcome To Concrete Lizards Car Club


Our club , “The Concrete Lizards” are a group of  people that share a passion for Classic cars and Hot Rods.  We appreciate good people and friendship, good time’s.  We are a loosely formed group who do not have organized meeting’s, we have “eatings”, and we will post where we will meet on our events page.  There are no dues an no formal officers.  We are all “The President” .  The only rule is to have a good time, and participate when you can.  Suggestions of where we meet, events to attend, and cruise’s to take are welcomed.  Please join our club, and let’s have some fun!!

You our can join here.  You can get your own concrete lizard email address so we can contact you with an email blast with upcoming events notification.

Our events page is here  events page to see more upcoming events events

If you decide to join we will be in contact with you soon!